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Award-winning Central Campus Café open to serve you


We are excited to serve you again, and our students have some great menus planned for this Fall semester. We have attached the menu for opening day, next Thursday, October 27. We will be open from 10:50am – 12:30pm. Click on me to see the menu!


Criminal Justice Students on the Case at Central Campus


The bad news: the victim of a mock (repeat mock!) homicide at Central Campus was a DMPS security officer. Evidence at the scene indicated that the perpetrator may be a clown, an appropriate suspect for a mock crime given the nation-wide creepy clown hoax on social media. The good news: the Criminal Justice program is one the case. Now in its second year, the program has more than doubled in size. Click here for more about the program and this unique lesson.


World Food Prize Feeds Students Opportunities


The World Food Prize has been referred to as the Nobel Prize of agriculture and food science. Headquartered in Des Moines, the WFP also feeds students at DMPS with many science-related opportunities. On Tuesday Central Campus hosted a reception in honor of Dr. Charity Kawira Mutegi of Kenya. In 2013 Dr. Mutegi received the Norman Borlaug Award for Field Research and Application from the WFP, endowed by the Rockefeller Foundation. Click here to read more about this special opportunity for students in Des Moines.


Parent Conferences Oct 13 & 18 2016 – 3:30pm-7:30pm


Conferences provide a time for you to meet with the teacher, familiarize yourself with the program your student is attending and to get a glimpse into your students learning experience at Central Campus. If your student is attending either our Aviation Technology Academy or our Agricultural Sciences Academy you are invited to meet with the instructors at their facilities. We look forward to seeing during conferences!

Barord showing off the guns

Paging Dr. Barord: Save the Nautilus


Dr. Greg Barord is a teacher at Central Campus, directing the school’s acclaimed marine biology program. He is also one of the world’s authorities on the nautilus. Last week he was in South Africa at a conference on endangered species, where his efforts led to support for regulatory protections governing international trade of nautiluses. Click here to read more about the work of another extraordinary teacher at DMPS.

Elhondra Brazzle and Julio Delgadillo

Elhondra and Julio go to Washington


In Washington DC, Central Campus Urban Leadership Academy poets Elhondra Brazzle from East and Julio Delgadillo from North finished 1st and 2nd at Saturday night’s Poetry Slam at the Library of Congress National Book Festival.

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Oct 27
Central Campus Café open to the public
Oct 28
End of 1st Quarter Grading
Oct 28
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Nov 3
Central Campus Café open to the public
Nov 11
Central Campus Café open to the public
Central Students have the opportunity to earn college credit thanks to our unique partnerships with DMACC.

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Skilled Trades Academy Central Campus is committed to being adaptive to an ever-changing landscape of lifelong, successful careers. As part of that commitment, we are creating stronger partnerships with community and industry leaders in commercial and new home construction. National forecasts show many great opportunities over the next decade or two and beyond is in the field of skilled trades. Learn more about our vision for a Skilled Trades Academy in central Iowa.

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Central Campus Café opens while classes are in session by the Central Campus Culinary Arts students under the direction of Chef John Andres. Enjoy great food and service while experiencing a beautiful view of downtown Des Moines. Lunch is served from 10:50 AM to 12:30 PM on specific dates throughout the year. Come to Central Campus and enjoy these up-and-coming culinary artists! To “sign up” to receive the menu, please email:

Café Days Fall 2016:

Thursday, October 27 10:50am – 12:30pm
Thursday, November 3 10:50am – 12:30pm
Friday, November 11 10:50am – 12:30pm
Thursday, November 17 10:50am – 12:30pm
Friday, December 2 10:50am – 12:30pm
Thursday, December 8 10:50am – 12:30pm
Friday, December 16 10:50am – 12:30pm

We appreciate reservations because that lets us know how much food to prepare each week. If you are in a hurry, you can also pre-order your lunch so that we have it ready upon your arrival. This is especially useful for teachers in a hurry on lunch break. We will also deliver within the Central Campus/Academy buildings! Like us on Facebook at


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