Aquarium Science


This Red Imperial Sea Urchin comes from the Indo-Pacific Region and is one of the newest inhabitants at the Central Campus aquarium.

In Aquarium Science, students experience aquatic animal husbandry and aquaculture in a facility modeled after a professional public aquarium laboratory. They learn to replicate environmental conditions in the lab similar to those on a coral reef by studying the effects of lighting, water quality, and nutrition on the saltwater organisms in their care. Hands-on activities in the laboratory include breeding saltwater clownfish, propagating live corals and anemones on the coral farm, breeding jellyfish, and live food culture. This program prepares students for careers in Marine Biology, Environmental Science, commercial aquaculture (fish hatcheries), public aquariums, aquarium maintenance, pet industries and most environmental fields.

Students in Aquarium Science are eligible to participate in an optional marine field ecology trip in the spring semester for DMACC credit. (Aquarium Science is an elective course and does not satisfy high school science credit requirements.)

Prerequisite: GPA of 2.5 or better. Biology, Chemistry recommendation Grades: 10-11-12

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College Credits Available *

Program DMACC Course Code DMACC Course DMACC Credits
Aquarium Science
AGS222 Aquaculture I 3
SDV164 Electronic Portfolio Develop. 2
AGS249 Aquaculture II 3
BIO922 Field Studies 2
* Central Campus is always evaluating the best college credit opportunities for our students. Please check with the Counseling Office or the instructors with any questions.