FAQ – Computer Aided Design Technology

What makes Central Campus courses different from courses in my home school?

The CAD program at Central Campus allows the student more time to study in-depth various aspects of computer aided design and architecture / construction / engineering / manufacturing. The courses are DMACC and high school credit, and a student can earn 15 DMACC credits in their first year, and an additional 12 credits their second year in the CAD program at Central Campus. By taking these classes, students can reduce their required course load at DMACC or a four year college or university.

The CAD program is a great supplementary AND complementary program for students wishing to study architecture, construction management, engineering, and manufacturing at the secondary and post-secondary level.

What will I do in courses at Central Campus?

The curriculum features a design and build, activity and problem based approach to learning. Students will design, redesign, reverse engineer, prototype, and build various projects ranging from toys to machines to residential homes to commercial buildings. Field trips are held monthly to investigate local industries that related to the content of the class at that time.

What are the course requirements for enrollment?

It is recommended that a student has taken an architectural or mechanical drafting/design course at their home high school.

How many blocks do I need to schedule for this program?

The CAD program at Central Campus requires that two morning blocks be reserved for participation in this class.

What careers will this program prepare me for?

Studying in the CAD program will help prepare students for multiple careers in such career fields that include design, engineering, architecture, and construction. There are many specialization areas in these fields that a student could be interested in, such as: industrial designer, architectural designer, architect, civil engineer, civil engineer technician, manufacturing, tool and die designer, electrical/electronics drafter, aeronautical drafters, construction manager, structural engineer, and mechanical engineer. There are many, many more career areas that need and utilize the skills of people in computer aided design.

What type of credit can I earn?

CAD program courses are college and high school credit.

What certifications will I earn?

Students have the opportunity to take the certification exams for Autodesk software, which looks great on resumes.

Are field trips and study tours available?

Field trips are taken monthly to local industries that coincide with the current topic in class, and an architectural/engineering study tour outside the state of Iowa is planned for the spring.

Are there internships or jobs available through this program?

CAD internships for high school students are in the process of being developed.

What student organizations/competitions are available through this program?

Current competitions where students can showcase their skills are SkillsUSA and the Polk County Housing Trust’s Can I Be Your Neighbor affordable home challenge.
Students explore and/or join various organizations in architecture, design, and engineering.