Engineering Design & Development

Engineering Design and Development is a culminating design and problem solving course where students apply all of the knowledge and skills they have gained throughout their education. EDD is an open-ended project course in which students work in teams to design and develop an original solution to a well-defined, justifiable open-ended problem by applying an engineering design process. Professionals and expert will help guide the students as they continuously develop their organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills, their creative and problem solving abilities, and understanding of the design process. Students’ design solution will be developed, prototypes, tested, and presented to a panel of professionals and stakeholders. This is the only course in high school where students will experience solving a design problem start to finish as an engineer would.

Recommended courses for success in EDD: Any combination/as many as possible of PLTW pre-engineering courses, elective courses in career & technical areas, fine arts, and success in core academic areas

Grades: Seniors, 12

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