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Discover Central Campus, Iowa’s Premier Regional Academy with nationally recognized Advance Career Programs.

Your journey to achieving state and national career certification, college credit and focusing your passion begins here.

Central Campus programs are open to all high school students who have great desire to succeed in advanced and rigorous career programs. The high expectations for attendance and academic success make these programs highly sought after.

Explore our website, see your school counselor and sign up today! We look forward to providing you the very best and most exciting learning experiences anywhere.

See below for instructions on how to request courses for Central Campus!

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If DMPS and OOD (Out-of-District) students are new to Central Campus for the 2019-20 school year:

OOD students only:  Only new students to Central Campus must complete the OOD registration form for DMPS found here:  https://sis.dmps.k12.ia.us/campus/OLRLoginKiosk/desmoines

If your students (DMPS and OOD), are currently attending a program here at Central Campus:

  • We have already spoken with your students and recorded their choice for programming.
  • If any returning student wishes to change their mind about their choices for next year, please contact your home high school counselor to make the change.  Counselors should make that contact to CC, not students.
  • Returning students do not complete the Formsite online form above.
  • Exception:  If a student has taken a year break from CC classes, then the student will need to complete the online form (ex., CC in 9th, Home School only in 10th, and wants to return to CC in 11th.  This student will need to complete the online form).

For incoming 9th grade students:  When a student indicates s/he is in 9th grade, there will be two possible answers that come up for each program choice made (vocational interest, exploratory interest).  This is helpful internal information.  One answer will not prevent a student from gaining access to our programming.

An important note

Central Campus and Central Academy are two different programs.

For any Central Campus course requests, you will need to work with John Hickling, CC School Counselor (John.Hickling@dmschools.org – 242-7676) or Mary Vang, CC Counseling Assistant (Mary.Vang@dmschools.org – 242-8117).

For any Central Academy course requests, you will need speak with Kristin Hilton, CA School Counselor (Kristin.Hilton@dmschools.org – 242-7770) or Jami Powers, CA Counseling Assistant (Jami.Powers@dmschools.org – 242-8543).  CA’s process is different from ours and results may differ between the two.

View a complete list of Central Campus programs.

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