Course Requests for Central Campus SY 20-21

Central Campus started using a new course request process for its classes/programs for SY 19-20.    Below you will find a document that explains, depending on who you are, how to make a course request at Central Campus.  Some other documents that may be helpful in course selection will be included here as well.

CENTRAL CAMPUS COURSE REQUEST PROCESS – 1st Year Course Requests Link to Open October 21.

Central Campus Course Request Process for All Audiences – MUST READ

*Take a look at how to request a class/program at Central Campus.  This has information for DMPS and non-DMPS students alike.

Central Campus Program One-Pagers

This document includes one-pagers for each class and program at Central Campus that gives practical insights on what it is like to be a student here.

DOTS Central Campus Course OPPORTUNITIES

This document shows a listing of our classes, grade levels offered to, types of credit earned, etc.  The periods and number of periods needed in schedule will change for SY2020-21.

Below are the timelines for the Central Campus Course Request process by Date and Event.

202021 Course Request Timeline by Date

202021 Course Request Timeline by Event