Fashion Design & Merchandising

2016 Spring Fashion Show

Within the creative discipline of Fashion Design, students discover fascinating fundamentals of the fashion industry and learn about all of the exciting behind-the-scene details that make every show and every display perfect. Study famous and up-and-coming designers, explore historical and current trends, and learn the importance of alterations and proper fit. In this program students building upon their sewing skills, create fashion drawings, and analyze the designs of others. The program enhances entrepreneurial skills and techniques to successfully market their designs in the fashion industry. The culminating event for this program is a spring fashion show that is created and produced by the fashion students and other cooperating Central Campus programs.

Prerequisites: A or B in Sewing Technology or Fashion recommended. Grades: 11-12.

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College Credits Available *

Program DMACC Course Code DMACC Course DMACC Credits
Fashion Design & Merchandising
Year 1 APP211 Textiles 3
APP260 Fashion Analysis & Design 3
COM703 Communication Skills 3
Year 2 SDV164 Electronic Portfolio 2
MKT140 Selling 3
BUS148 Small Business Management 3
* Central Campus is always evaluating the best college credit opportunities for our students. Please check with the Counseling Office or the instructors with any questions.