Counseling and Enrollment

New to Central Campus Out of District Students: 
See your Central Campus School Counselor for online registration and course request information.


Program One Pagers This document includes one page of information on each course/program at Central Campus. Information includes instructor information, key points, what it’s like to be a student in the course or program, what student success looks like, certifications that can be earned, prerequisite information, and college credit availability.

DMPS Student Year One Course Request Link: This link is for DMPS and current out of district Central Campus students interested in entering a first-year program.

DMPS Student Course Request Process 23 24 (1): This document details the process for a DMPS student to make a course request from start to finish.

23 24 CC Dots Matrix for Course Requests: This document includes course name, credit number and type, number of periods, length, college credit information, grade level, and prerequisite information.

23 24 CC Course Listings by Grade Level: This document lists courses available by grade level in columns.

Year Two and Three Course Request Process:   Central Campus School Counselors will facilitate this in-house during class before winter break. See your Central Campus School Counselor for more information.

23 24 CC Internal Yr 2 3 Requests: This document illustrates the order in which courses are taken.

Central Campus School Counseling Team Contacts

John Hickling, School Counselor, Student Last Names A-L,

Jennifer Scott, School Counselor, Student Last Names M-Z,

Mary Moua, Counseling Assistant,