Business Academy

Business Academy

The Business Academy provides students with a wide variety of learning opportunities within the business field. Through in-depth projects and the development and operation of the Central Campus store, students will learn about entrepreneurship, marketing, accounting, retail, finance, and other related topics.

The Central Campus Store

In the business academy, students will not just learn about business; they will be doing it. The Central Campus Store will be student-run, with students working on product development, finance, marketing, human resources, partnerships, and operations. In class, learning will be structured to allow students to think deeply about what they are learning and apply it to real-world problems we seek to solve.

Through new classes like social media marketing, content marketing, e-commerce entrepreneurship, and investment and finance, students will have the opportunity to explore current trends and best practices that will help them build a solid foundation for their future careers.


Currently, there are no pre-requisites to join the Business Academy. Bring your interest in business and willingness to learn!



Business Teacher

Jean Bahls