FAQ – Culinary Arts

What makes Central Campus courses different from courses in my home school?

Central campus course work is hands-on learning with state of the art equipment. The Instructors are industry trained and have extensive knowledge of their fields. Students are in class for extended periods, giving them the opportunity to explore in-depth their chosen field of study.

What will I do in courses at Central Campus?

Students are dual enrolled in community college, and are earning college credit while attending Central Campus courses. The community colleges coordinate with Central Campus to insure that curriculum is on target for what the students need to transition to college curriculum without interruption.

What are the course requirements for enrollment?

Grades 10-12 with a GPA of 2.0. Prerequisites encouraged but not required: Food and nutrition 1 and 2

How many blocks do I need to schedule for this program?

1st year- 3 blocks, 2nd year 4 blocks 3rd year 2-6 blocks

What careers will this program prepare me for?

Food service- line cook, server, host, bus person, back waiter, dishwasher. By completing the associates degree- sous chef, assistant manager Associate’s degree and experience – Executive chef, restaurant owner, manager

What type of credit can I earn?

High school credits toward graduation as well as DMACC college credit.

What certifications will I earn?

National Restaurant associate ProStart certificate, ServSafe sanitation certificate, ManageFirst Nutrition Certificate

Are field trips and study tours available?

You will have the opportunity to visit all aspects of the industry: Commercial – Family and Fine dinning including BOS, Flemings, Cheesecake Factory, Jethro’s, Splash, Olive Garden, Embassy Club, Dos Rio, Americana, Marriott Non Commercial – Hospital, retirement home, corporate cafeteria, DMPS nutrition center Higher Education – DMACC, Iowa State Where dow our food comes from? – a farm, Farmer’s market, meat packing plant, US Foods Show

Are there internships or jobs available through this program?

Yes, DMACC work experience class – 3 credits

What student organizations/competitions are available through this program?

Skills USA –local and state officers, state competitions in April include Culinary Arts, Commercial Baking, Food and Beverage Service, Customer Service, Job Interview, Job Demo, Community Service, Chapter Showcase FCCLA – local officers, district and state competitions including culinary arts team, hospitality, entrepreneurship, job interview, food innovations, community service Pro Start – National Restaurant Association – Cooking Team and Restaurant Management Team Competition, Pro Start Certificate of Achievement World Food Festival – cooking competition in the fall