Teacher – Trevor Stevens (trevor.stevens@dmschools.org)

Key Points for Counselors, Students and Families:  If you are interested in the installation and maintenance of residential and commercial electrical systems, then the electrical program at Central Campus is for you.  The program provides students with the hands-on skills, knowledge, and attitude needed to begin their career in the commercial or residential electrical industry. Focus will be placed upon performing and completing tasks in a precise, craftsman like manner. Throughout the program, students will be given the opportunity to tour, work with, and apply for local electrical apprenticeships and local industry leaders, providing a pathway toward a successful career in the electrical industry.

What is it like to be a student in this program? Students will learn about electricity and how to safely work around electricity, spend time building and understanding electrical circuits, practice with and learn the safe and proper use of working with common electrical tools and electrical materials, practice bending; cutting; and threading electrical conduit, use full scale construction drawings to become proficient in reading blueprints, install a residential electrical service,  electrical panel, and common residential electrical devices.

What does success look like for a student in this program or class? Success will be students discovering a talent for and passion for installing wiring and conduit systems.  Success will be students understanding why and how electricity travels from where it is generated to where it is needed. Success will be students applying for, interviewing at, and being accepted into an electrical apprenticeship.

What other classes would provide foundational knowledge that would be beneficial in achieving success in the electrical program at Central Campus and/or a career in the electrical industry? Students who have previous construction or work experience, have taken multiple industrial technology or shop classes, have experience with use of common hand tools, have taken multiple math courses, and have taken additional science courses will stand out as individuals who may find success in the electrical industry.  However, while these attributes may help a student build a strong foundation, they are by no means a necessity to achieve success in the electrical program at Central Campus.