Aviation Technology Academy

The Aviation Technology Academy at 205 County Line Road on the southside of Des Moines is designed to train students for careers in various areas of the rapidly growing Aviation Industry. Students have opportunities to become adept in Airlines Maintenance Airframe/Power Plant mechanics, Fixed Base Operators (military or corporate operations), and Piloting. The Aviation Technology Academy is only FAA Certified program at the high school level in Iowa, as well as the only high school program of its type in the entire Midwest. While students earn high school credit learning aviation technology, they also gain college credit at no additional cost.

Prerequisites: Technical education courses recommended along with strong career interest in the field. Grades: 10-11-12

All students interested in enrolling in one of the Advance Career Programs at Central Campus can learn more about enrollment here.

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College Credits Available *

Program IHCC Course Code IHCC Course IHCC Credits
AVM105 Regulations & Publications 3
AVM103 Aircraft Materials & Process 2
AVM119 Fund. Of Physics 1
AVM109 Basic Electricity 4
AVM107 Weights & Balance 1
AVM101 Cleaning?Corrosion Control 2
AVM111 Ground Operations & Service 1
Airframe I Classes AVM126 Airframe Stucture Repair 4
AVM131 Airframe Inspections 1
AVM137 Aircraft Instruments 1
Airframe II Classes AVM127 Aircraft Wood/Fabric/Finishs 2
AVM123 Aircraft Assembly & Rigging 2
AVM145 Aircraft Welding 1
Powerplant I AVM153 Powerplant Pistons 5
Powerplant II AVM161 Aircraft Ignition Systems 3
AVM159 Engine Electrical Systems 2
AVM157 Induction/Cooling/Exhaust 1
Powerplant III AVM143 Aircraft Gas Turbines 4
AVM147 Airframe Fuel Systems 2
AVM155 Aircraft Propeller Systems 3
Powerplant IV AVM139 Instruments/Fire Protection PP 1
AVM149 Engine Lubrication Systems 2
AVM151 Engine Fuel/Metering 2
AVM135 Poweplant Inspection 1
Intro. to Pilot AVI135 Private Basic Ground I 3
AVI105 Introduction to Aviation 3
AVI136 Private Basic Ground II 3
* Central Campus is always evaluating the best college credit opportunities for our students. Please check with the Counseling Office or the instructors with any questions.

Aviation Technology Instructor

Keith Boot

Aviation Teacher

Joshua Hall