Central Academy Students Travel to China

This past summer, Central Academy teachers Diane Fox and Dan Swanson took three students (Luke Bascom, Chloe Ibsen, and Glori de-Fillipone) to participate in the third annual China Global Positioning Summer (GPS) Program.  The China GPS Program enables students from Iowa, North Carolina, Hawaii, New Zealand, Mexico, and China to discuss the growing role of China for the 21st century and to foster mutual cultural understanding and cooperation. 

Aside from learning about China in the classroom, students were able to visit a number of attractions in and around Beijing such as the Great Wall, the 2008 Olympic Park, Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, and many other destinations.  Students were also able to visit a Pioneer Hi-Bred Research Facility near Beijing and to have a number of distinguished guests from the Chinese media share their perspective on China’s role for the 21st century.

In preparation for the trip, the students had to create a presentation on Iowa’s history, economics, and culture to share with the other student groups in attendance.  Students also helped write an official proclamation that was signed by Governor Terry Branstad and then presented the proclamation as a gift to the hosting Chinese University (Beijing Central University of Finance and Economics).  Additionally, at the students’ request, Governor Branstad agreed to create a brief video discussing the unique historical and economic bond between Iowans and the people of China which the students shared with the GPS Program participants.

The participants and their teachers would like to give a special thanks to Pioneer Hi-Bred for hosting them at their Research Facility and the Iowa Student Education Association for their assistance in the program’s development.

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