Broadcast and Film Alumni Make Their Movie Theatre Debut

Can you imagine sitting down at the movie theatre, waiting for the previews to appear, and all of a sudden you see your school project rolling before a captive audience?  Well, two Central Campus alumni from broadcasting and film will not have to imagine anything this November.  Aaron Hosman (East High) and Adhel Jok (Roosevelt High) created a public service announcement (PSA) about healthy relationships during the spring of 2013. The contest was sponsored by the Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence.  The message of the PSA centered around important qualities needed in healthy peer relationships. Their entry into a local contest initially won them an ipad, but now throngs of moviegoers will see a clip of their work play at Jordan Creek Cinema, Ames, and Council Bluffs before all movies for a week starting November 22nd (when Hunger Games comes out).

We’ll see you at the movies!

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