100_0956 100_0960 100_0961 100_0962Earth Day 2015 – Central Campus

Earth Day at Central Campus was a big success with an estimated 300 visitors to the IESA activities on 2nd floor.

The 1st year students had a variety of displays ranging from water quality, to Lorax themes, to upcycling.

There were several elementary groups which stopped by and engaged in activities that included Lorax coloring, temporary tattoos, and stickers. The kids also got to try out their skills on a basketball hoop made from upcycled materials. Bird feeders made from toilet paper rolls was also a fun activity the students enjoyed.

Another vendor that made the day a huge success was the folks from Mid American Energy. They  were involved with free bags and many handouts. One student group teamed up on the same subject with Mid American with several handouts on home energy saving ideas.

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