Welding 101

Welding 101 with Boy Scouts

Fifteen young men from Boy Scout Troop 888 in West Des Moines, Iowa, had the unique opportunity to participate in a welding merit badge program this spring at Des Moines Central Campus. Welding instructor Ralph Young led the boys through the merit badge workbook to help them earn the badge and have fun learning about welding.

Mr. Young met with the boys on multiple occasions to explain the importance of safety, careers in welding, the different types of welding, and he helped the boys learn three different types of MIG welds: butt joint, lap joint and a T-joint. Each Boy Scout had an opportunity to use a Miller MIG welding machine, with supervision from Mr. Young, to weld their initials on a piece of metal, and take home the metal as a souvenir of completing the program. The Boy Scouts appreciated the opportunity to partner with Mr. Young and Central Campus to complete the program.

Troop_888_welding_merit_badge_1 Troop_888_welding_merit_badge_3 Troop_888_welding_merit_badge_4 Troop_888_welding_merit_badge_2

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