IMG_1221Central Campus is proud and excited to introduce our new Assistant Director! Aiddy Phomvisay (pronounced ah-dee, poem-v-sigh) is honored to join the Central Campus and Des Moines Public school family.

Having spent the last 4 years as the principal at Marshalltown High school, we know Mr. Phomvisay will bring with him a wealth of experience and knowledge. Prior to his tenure at Marshalltown, he was the Associate Principal at West Des Moines Valley High School for 6 years. In fact, he was named the 2014 Iowa High School Secondary Administrator of the Year.

He shares his own thoughts regarding his move to Central Campus”

” I bring all of my devotion, learning experiences, and passion for students to Central Campus. I am somewhat familiar with Central Campus as I worked to coordinate schedules for Valley students to Central.  What I am certain of is that this an extraordinary learning community filled with exceptional teachers, students, staff, supportive parents and unique programs.  Central Campus continues to expand and innovate to provide the very best hands-on, real-world, and applicable learning for all students.

My mission is to listen, learn, and lead. My goal is to support our Director, students, teachers, and staff. I will contribute my time and talents to make Central Campus the very best it can be.  I avail myself to you and encourage you to seek me out to visit and let me know how I can help you.  I have no doubt that Central Campus can be the premier regional learning academy for Iowa and one of the very best academies in the United States. What an honor and privilege it is to be part of this noble endeavor.”

We are excited to have Aiddy Phomvisay with us here at Central Campus. We know he will bring with him the energy and dedication that all of our administration and staff posses! We look forward to the upcoming new school year and cannot wait to benefit from all he has to offer!


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