Voice of America!

IMG_1221One of the many things we try and explore here at Central Campus is the gift of diversity. And in many ways we share this gift amongst our students and staff. Our new Assistant Director, Aiddy Phomvisay is a great example of this diversity we seek to encourage and promote.

Recently Mr. Phomvisay shared his amazing story with Radio Free Asia and Voice of America. On Thursday, August 21, this speech and interview will be shared on Voice of America. It will be broadcasted in Laos as well as on the internet. It is a true global and community message. In this special interview Mr. Phomvisay was able to highlight Iowa while also paying great honor to his father and the Lao Veterans of America. Des Moines was a critical piece of this story and it resonates still 40 years later with all of our families in the Des Moines Public Schools.

Please tune into this program and hear the story that Aiddy Phomvisay has to share. This interview will be broadcast at: http://lao.voanews.com/


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