Welcome to Central Campus!

IMG_1667Welcome to Central Campus! We are the premier national academy for advanced career education and college prep. For all of our incoming students we encourage you and your parents or guardians to attend our Orientation Open House. This event will be held Monday August 24th from 5:30-7pm. Come and meet your instructors and learn about our amazing programs. This open house will be held at the Central Campus learning community in the heart of Des Moines on 1800 Grand Avenue.

All students will report to the Central Campus except students enrolled in AgriScience-Animal Science & Horticulture  and the Aviation programs. AgriScience-Animal Science & Horticulture is located at 201 County Line Rd near McCombs. And Aviation is located at our new, state-of-the-art satellite Aviation Center at 205 County Line Rd.

The Central Campus mission is simple: To be the Best of the Best in the Nation!  And we stand proud knowing that our students and staff represent the Best of the Best!                                            

We look forward to meeting you and having a fantastic year of exploration with you!



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