First Annual Central Campus Engineering Symposium

Senior students presented original new products to students, staff and community leaders as part of their end of the year project. For the First Annual Engineering Design & Development Project Symposium, students were tasked with working through an entire prototype development phase from issue identification;  to possible resolution ideas; to the design of a solution; and finally prototype development, manufacturing, and presentation.

As Iowa’s Premier Regional Academy for Advance Career Programs, Central Campus uses hands-on, work-based instructional experiences as part of our leading-edge education for young adults. Instructor Clint Gadbury leads up the Engineering Design program, giving students access to state-of-the-art CAD software and 3-D printers, plus skilled knowledge in successful techniques for real-world applications.


Designers Evan Watkins and Randy Nguyen discuss their prototype of a touch sensor belt for safer intramural sports.


Central Campus Director Dr. McClanahan congratulates designers Jakob Shraden and Matthew Johnson for their work on wheelchair accessories for music students.


Engineers Tanner Wood and Gennaro Cataldo discuss safer air quality in home repair and construction with their lightweight, portable dust and debris collection attachment.


Innovators Linda Brown and Caseylee Anderson describe their car seat attachment for young families with newborns.


When a top-notch Engineering Program asks for you to sign on their new 27″ Wacom tablet – one must give their “John Hancock.”

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