Plant & Animal Science


At the Des Moines Agriscience location on the southside of Des Moines, students learn about animals and plants through hands-on activities and insightful projects. With live farm animals and a large greenhouse, students gain practical experience in fields outside of just animal science and horticulture (the science of growing plants), including agricultural business, environmental science, landscaping, and veterinary careers. While attending agriscience classes, students are enrolled as members of FFA, a national youth leadership organization, which enhances communication and leadership skills.

First year students are enrolled in Plant and Animal Science. Second year students can then focus on specific areas they enjoy the most and want to learn more about within more specialized classes, such as Veterinary Careers, Global Animal Science, or Advance Plant Science.

Internships are also offered through this program to offer working experience. We offer internships at our location, like raising animals or working extra in the greenhouse. Additionally, we have many connections to outside companies and organizations that offer internship opportunities for our students.

Grades: 10, 11, and 12

Are you interested in a career relating to plants or animals but don’t know what jobs are available?
Follow this link to explore jobs in agriculture:
Are you trying to figure out what classes to take before you join the horticulture and animal science program? Not sure why you are taking math, science, or English classes? Many careers in agriculture require skills in math, science, and English. The classes you are taking now will benefit you in the future! Another big help to getting a great job in agriculture is the ability to fluently speak another language, especially Spanish.

All students interested in enrolling in one of the Advance Career Programs at Central Campus can learn more about enrollment here.

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