Marine Biology

IMG_20141212_070803_183The Marine Biology program puts students face to face with hundreds of marine organisms found around the world. Students won’t just learn about the ocean from books, they also take care of over 100 “tiny oceans” during the year and personally interact with sharks, jellyfish, corals, nautiluses, and hundreds of fish in a new facility modeled after university laboratories and public aquariums. Students are also given the opportunity to conduct their own research projects, participate in science fairs, practice field work by kayaking, dissect different organisms, and more. What makes this program so unique is that it is a student-run laboratory and aquarium which gives each student the opportunity to literally get their hands wet in everything that goes on, but to also leave a legacy for other students by coming up with new ideas for aquariums and different marine organisms to have in the program.

An optional Field Studies course occurs in March where the students are able to put their skills to the test, earn college credit, and have a lot of fun! For 1-2 weeks, students become “Marine Biologists” and participate in several activities to gain an understanding of life as a marine biologist. Previous trips have gone to California, Texas, and Florida. Most expenses for this trip are the responsibility of the student. At least one fundraiser is made available to students to help offset the cost.

Pre-Requisite Biology or other approved science.

Grades: 10-11-12

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