Health Sciences

Career Opportunities in Health

Career Opportunities in Health introduces students to a variety of health careers through a curriculum that integrates academic and workplace skills. Rotations at UnityPoint Health-Des Moines hospital and clinic locations, as well as other private clinics throughout the metro, provide observation experiences that allow students to explore careers of their interest, learn about medicine and work towards an understanding of the big picture of healthcare while developing personal skills.

College Anatomy and Physiology

The yearlong advanced Anatomy and Physiology program covers the structure and function of the human body from the cellular level to organ systems. The organ systems studied are the skin and integumentary system, skeletal and muscular systems, nervous system and the senses, endocrine system, cardiovascular system, lymphatic system and immunity, respiratory system, urinary system, digestive system – including nutrition, and reproductive system. Anatomy and Physiology offers college credits through laboratory and exams, and experimental write-ups and projects.

College Genetics and Microbiology

The yearlong advanced Genetics and Microbiology program looks at the medical world through our genes. Students extract DNA, perform experiments normally only done in research and college labs. Additionally, they study the effects of genetics on cancer; the controversy and uses of stem cells; grow glowing bacteria art and many more fascinating projects. Students take field trips to research centers, colleges, and other pertinent sites that help them in their understanding of the genetic world. College Genetics and Microbiology offers college credits and students who successfully complete the program with a grade of B or better receive a $500 college scholarship.

Nurse Aide (Basic & Advanced)

These Nurse Aide programs give students the opportunity to learn the necessary skills and training to work in various health care settings. They experience classroom and laboratory instruction along with supervised clinical experience in local long-term care (nursing home) and hospital settings. The advanced program also provides students the opportunity to obtain health care provider BLS certification.

“The Central Campus Courses in Health Sciences have influenced my future plans to study medicine. I got some hands-on experience with the Nurse Aide program and I got additional research experience through Anatomy and Physiology, as well as Genetics and Microbiology.”
January Philavanh – Nurse Aide and Career Opportunities in Health – East High School