FAQ – Fashion Design

What makes Central Campus Fashion Design & Merchandising different from courses in my home school?

You have the opportunity to earn college credits. You also are in class with students from various high schools that share the same passion as you.

What will I do in Fashion at Central Campus?

Study various aspects of the Fashion Industry.

What are the course requirements for enrollment?

Grade- 11-12

Prerequisites- A semester, preferably a year, of sewing at your home high school.

How many blocks do I need to schedule for this program?

4 blocks total – 2 A day and 2 B day

What careers will this program prepare me for?

90% of the Fashion Design & Merchandising students attend post-secondary education. You may seek entry level employment in merchandising or manufacturing.

What type of credit can I earn?

Credits applied toward High School graduation as well as DMACC college credits.

Are field trips and study tours available?

Yes, local and out of state trips are planned.

Are there internships or jobs available through this program?

Employers are constantly asking for Fashion Industry employees.

What student organizations/competitions are available through this program?

Student design challenges and the Annual Central Campus Spring Fashion Show